Electronic Learning Classes at Direttivaservizi

At Direttivaservizi, we offer a variety of learning modalities that meets the diverse learning styles of our visitors.

Video learning

Some people learn best by watching videos. At Direttivaservizi we have worked hard to put together informative videos that every prospective e-commerce owner will find useful. We keep the videos updated with the current rules and regulations as well as full of tips and tricks to help people increase their business. People can sit back and relax or take notes as our qualified lecturers provide the necessary information for running not just a compliant company, but a successful company as well. For example, our video lessons provide valuable information for increasing a company’s online presence.

The key for any successful business rests in customer acquisition. Without a growing customer base, a business will not be able to find success. Running a business requires a steady revenue stream and businesses need to prioritize finding customers that will provide this revenue stream. Sometimes, an online business does not know how to effectively reach out and attract customers. At Direttivaservizi, check out the videos we have put together for some valuable information on growing an online business. These are tips that everyone running an online business should be aware of.


Self-driven evaluations

For other online business owners, learning off of a recorded lecture can be a challenge. Frequently, learners find themselves getting distracted by the numerous items that remain on the to-do list or simply get bored. For these learners, we have put together self-driven evaluations. These are learning modules that progress as rapidly as the learner wishes. By completing worksheets, filling out forms, and answering questions, learners will have the ability to drive their own learning pace.
This learning modality stresses information retention because it is important that anyone going through these learning modules not only complete the questions but actually apply the information successfully to their business. For example, these self-driven evaluation modules will helps individuals learn about the extensive regulations that govern a business that is conducting electronic commerce. This is important legislation that pertains to what an online business can or cannot do. By completing these self-driven evaluations, businesses will effectively learn about the different pieces of legislation that are in play in the different countries that make up for European Union. Failure to follow this legislation can result in substantial legal ramifications. Check out these learning modules and see what this legislation is all about.

Non-video lessons

Finally, we offer non-video lessons that are driven by the Direttivaservizi server. These are perfect for people who desire a more passive learning experience that isn’t driven by a video module. We understand that people can develop headaches from watching or listening to a video for an extended period of time. Therefore, we have put together an informative set of non-video lessons as well. These lessons focus on a variety of topics similar to the other two learning modalities above. For example, it is difficult to attract customers if the customers don’t even know that the company exists.

Many times, people look for companies using a simple phrase in a search engine. There are certain phrases that people commonly use when looking for certain industries and companies that contain these key phrases are more likely to turn up on the first page of a search engine results page. There are strategies that companies can employ to increase their ranking on these search results page and therefore increase their visibility to potential customers. For more information on these key phrases and increasing online visibility, learners should check out the numerous lessons that Direttivaservizi has put together.