Coming Soon: Fill Out Online Forms Here

At Direttivaservizi, we understand that filling out the forms to obtain a license to operate any kind of business within the European Union can be a headache. There are forms that need to be filled out at the level of the European Union as well as forms that must be filled out for the individual countries that the company will operate it. If there are multiple companies this business will conduct its services in then this only means even more forms. It is almost impossible to track the numerous documents without missing a form. That is why we will offer every form necessary for an online company to gain its license.


First, there will be funding applications and grant proposals. An online company takes a significant of capital to get off of the ground and running. This requires asking for money from public services as well as private entities. There are even certain capital opportunities from venture capitalists and angel investors. All a business needs to do is ask for the funding. Those forms will be found here. In addition, there are forms that need to be filled out for the operational licenses. Whether it is a sports betting license, an online poker license, or an online casino license, those forms will be found here as well.

Finally, we don’t just leave the forms here and wish our visitors good luck. We have qualified and highly trained professionals ready to assist any visitor with the proper documentations to get their idea rolling. At Direttivaservizi, we believe that customer service is the number one priority. That is why we have done the hard work of researching and linking access to our forms through this website. Take a look at the links and see for yourself.